Louisiana State Friends Program

The following are the members who are acting as Good Smartians to assist you in the State of Louisiana. Print a copy for your records and place it in your RV in case you ever need them. 

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I.   Light maintenance required-  such as a tool is needed, best tire prices, reliable mechanic, recommend a doctor

II.  Provide emergency stop over parking location

III. Provide an emergency driver, to help move an RV closer to a medical facility

The list contains the name and phone number of a member available along with which categories they can assist in.


 Name Phone  I II III
 D. Romero  337-783-7092  X  X  X
 L. Schneller  504-887-0676  X    X
 J. Rockhold  504-366-2940  X  X  X
 A. Carlson  985-785-0493  X  X  X
 J. Rowley  318-640-5290  X  X  X
 W. Lasseigne  337-233-6879  X    X
 B. Singler  318-688-7146  X    X
 R. Nolen  318-932-5289  X  X  x
 H. Atkins  318-255-3447  X    X
 C. Arant  318-281-4100  X    X
 C. Camp  318-949-0512  X    X
 E. Johnson  318-965-1970  X    X
 D. Raley  318-926-3360  X    X
 A. Thornhill  225-925-2178  X    X
 V. Alton  318-646-3841  X    X
 L. Yeargain (TX)  940-321-2553  X    X
 O. Lanclois (TX)  903-633-2399  X    X

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