Alabama State Friends Program

The following are the members who are acting as Good Smartians to assist you in the State of Alabama. Print a copy for your records and place it in your RV in case you ever need them. 

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I.   Light maintenance required-  such as a tool is needed, best tire prices, reliable mechanic, recommend a doctor

II.  Provide emergency stop over parking location

III. Provide an emergency driver, to help move an RV closer to a medical facility

The list contains the name and phone number of a member available along with which categories they can assist in. 

 Name Phone I  II  III
 T. Hargrave 334-298-6085 X     X
 J. Hancock 205-853-1572  X     X
 G. Jones 205-669-2061 X  X   X
 J. Saltzman 205-681-3607 X  X   X
 S. Daniel 205-681-8281 X  X   X
 C. Terzin 205-678-6893 X  X  
 R. Ravenscraft              256-881-1195 X     X
 L. Ziegler 256-574-9035  X   X 
 L. Cowart 256-638-4003 X  X   X
 P. Bourne 256-883-9949 X     X
 P. Gibbs 256-232-4994 X     X
 J. Sheffield 251-973-0881     X
 D. Kempter 251-961-2650 X     X
 B. Scott 334-636-9278 X  X   X
 J. Simpson 256-446-8125 X  X  X
 M. Lowery 256-446-9225 X  X  X 
 C. Van De Vender 256-383-2225 X  X  X